Charges: Man fatally shot neighbor because he was 'pissed off' over broken lawn mower

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An argument over a broken lawn mower prompted a Minneapolis man to fatally shoot his neighbor, prosecutors allege.

Edward Holzinger, 61, is accused of shooting 47-year-old Bruce Brown in the chest twice Tuesday night after Brown "sarcastically" invited him over for a hamburger, charges say.

According to the criminal complaint:

Brown and Holzinger had been arguing for days about Holzinger's lawn mower, which Brown had apparently returned broken. Holzinger told police he was "pissed off" and Brown "wouldn't leave it alone."

Around 8:40 p.m. Tuesday, Brown, who was grilling in his backyard with family, yelled to Holzinger, who was sitting on his front porch, and "sarcastically" asked him if he wanted a burger.

Holzinger responded saying, "come over and find out."

Brown's family members said he shouldn't go, but he went anyway. Moments later, there were gunshots.

Brown was lying on the sidewalk bleeding, and one of Brown's family members overheard Holzinger say: "He deserved it. He called me a pedophile. I know I'm going to jail and I don't care."

Holzinger told police he was standing on the front steps of his house when Brown walked over and he shot him while he stood on the sidewalk. Then, he put the .9mm handgun on a chair in the living room, walked out of his house and waited for police.

Holzinger is charged with second-degree murder. Prosecutors are asking for $1 million bail, according to a news release from the Hennepin County Attorney's Office.

If convicted, Holzinger could face up to 40 years in prison.

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