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Charges: Man in Graduate Hotel standoff held girlfriend captive for almost 24 hours, threatened to burn building down

The suspect held his girlfriend captive for 24 hours, threatening to burn the building down.

The Essentials

1. Charges have been filed against the man at the center of the 38 hour standoff at the Graduate Hotel on the University of Minnesota campus earlier this week.

2. Lincoln Bowman, 46, of Woodbury, Minnesota, held his girlfriend captive in the hotel room for almost 24 hours, telling her she couldn't leave and intimating that he had a gun.

3. Bowman was also said to be suicidal and had an active out-of-state arrest warrant. He threatened to burn down the hotel and harm police.

What Else You Should Know

The release of the criminal complaint by University of Minnesota police comes after the standoff ended at the hotel on Tuesday.

It had started 38 hours earlier, at 11:44 p.m. on Sunday, after Bowman and his girlfriend checked into the sixth floor room that she had booked. 

She later told police that he had been "acting out of sorts that evening," and then stopped her from leaving when she said she needed to get something from her car.

Minneapolis police were contacted by another agency who said he had been threatening to harm family members, and found he had an active arrest warrant for a white collar crime in Arizona.


– Standoff at Graduate Hotel finally ends, suspect in custody.

They tracked him to the hotel by "pinging" his cellphone.

During the standoff he indicated to police that he was armed. He also suggested he would harm any officer who entered and set the hotel on fire.

His girlfriend was eventually released at 8:23 p.m. on Jan. 29, telling police that at one point Bowman reached under the mattress, acting as if he had a gun.

Bowman threw a microwave out of the hotel room window, leaning out of it for air after SWAT teams deployed tear gas, which eventually incapacitated him to the point police could enter.

He faces two charges: kidnapping with intent to cause great bodily harm, and false imprisonment.

Initially it was reported that there were two people in the room with Bowman, but the charges make no mention of a second individual.

It's also not been made clear if Bowman was armed or not.

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