Charges: Man killed his girlfriend's son, then fled MN with her daughter

He's charged with murder, and his girlfriend also faces charges.
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The man suspected of fleeing Minnesota with a young girl after killing his girlfriend's son has been charged.

Nelson Soto-Lopez, 24, of Blaine, was arrested early Wednesday in Missouri after leaving Minnesota in a taxi with the 5-year-old girl, a criminal complaint filed in Anoka County on Wednesday says. The girl was found unharmed.

Law enforcement in Minnesota are seeking his return to Minnesota after charging him with second-degree murder in connection to a 2-year-old boy's death.

Heydi Aguilera-Bustillo, Soto-Lopez's girlfriend who is the mother of both kids, was also charged Wednesday in connection to the case. She faces charges of second-degree manslaughter, aiding an offender, and endangerment of a child.

According to the criminalcomplaints:

Aguilera-Bustillo gave police several accounts of what happened to her 2-year-old son Monday night, finally telling police that she heard Soto-Lopez hit the boy, who had been crying. She also saw him throwing him in the air, and at one point he dropped him on his head.

She told police that Soto-Lopez had hit the boy with a belt before, and that she was scared of him that night.

The next morning (Tuesday), she brought her son to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead around 7 a.m. The medical examiner ruled the boy's death a homicide, noting he had multiple skull fractures, a brain bleed, and bruising on his head and abdomen.

Aguilera-Bustillo told police that Soto-Lopez was caring for her 5-year-old daughter as well. Investigators discovered that Soto-Lopez made "multiple efforts" to leave Minnesota with the girl while Aguilera-Bustillo was talking to police about what happened to her son.

He ended up taking a taxi to the Kansas City, Missouri, area with the girl, where he was picked up in a different vehicle by an adult man and woman with plans to head to Arkansas. He was arrested early Wednesday.

Soto-Lopez is expected to appear in court in Missouri on Thursday, while Aguilera-Bustillo will make her first court appearance in Anoka County Thursday as well, the Star Tribune says.

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