Charges: Man posing as cop shot friend at St. Paul sports bar


A judge set bail at $1 million for a Woodbury man charged with attempted murder in a Friday shooting at Tom Reid's Hockey City Pub in St. Paul.

The Star Tribune reports the criminal complaint against Patrick Juetten claims he posed as a police oficer and then shot an old friend who refused to join him in a planned robbery spree.

The Star Tribune says according to the complaint the victim was shot at close range with a bullet that pierced a lung, broke a rib, and then lodged in his liver where it caused an "extremely serious" injury.

KARE 11 reports prosecutors say the shooting occurred on the patio and police arrived to find the victim on the floor of the bar. Authorities say the victim told police who shot him and described the circumstances.

According to media accounts of the complaint, the victim told police he and Juetten had played hockey together as kids and attended the same high school. Juetten recently called him and wanted to meet at Tom Reid's. The victim says Juetten showed up wearing a fake police badge on a lanyard and was carrying a handgun.

After Juetten described his plan to rob drug dealers and the friend refused to join him, Juetten allegedly shot the man from a distance of about two feet, KSTP reports. Police found Juetten with his girlfriend on Sunday at a hotel near his home and arrested him, the station says.

WCCO reports a witness told police he saw Juetten on the patio point a gun at the victim, who laughed it off and Juetten returned the gun to his pocket. The witness told police he then went back into the bar and later heard of the shooting.

The Pioneer Press says one witness described the handgun as a Sig Sauer service pistol. Another said Juetten told him he was a detective and had just left work.

FOX 9 reports surveillance video does not show the shooting but does show Juetten re-entering the bar from the patio.

The website posted audio from the St. Paul police scanner from the aftermath of the shooting at about 11:30 Friday night.

According to the Pioneer Press Ramsey County District Court Judge Patrick Diamond set the $1 million bail and ordered that a public defender be provided to Juetten, who remains in the Ramsey County jail.

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