Charges: Man possibly drunk, driving at 80mph when he caused fatal crash

The suspect had fled after earlier brandishing an 18-inch machete.
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The man accused of causing a crash that killed 41-year-old Lashay Whittaker of St. Paul has been charged with 3rd degree murder.

Shawn Konder, 27, of St. Paul, smashed into Whittaker's car while fleeing police at speeds of up to 80mph on Friday evening.

The impact sheared Whittaker's sedan in two, sending the half with Whittaker inside crashing into a nearby garage, which then collapsed.

Whittaker, a father-of-two, was extricated from the vehicle and was taken to the hospital, where he sadly died.


– Family, friends ID man killed in crash with fleeing suspect.

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What started it all?

The incident started earlier that evening at a house in Blair Avenue, according to a criminal complaint, where Konder went to look after his 2-year-old son while the boy's mother was at work.

He also agreed to look after the mother's other son, aged 14, and over the course of the night Konder left the house on several occasions, coming back drunker each time.

Eventually, Konder got into an argument with his girlfriend's son because Konder had apparently kicked the boy's sister out of the home.

When the mother returned home, she found Konder and her son wrestling on the floor, with their 2 year old "crying hysterically."

After the mother called a friend to come round to help, Konder left only to return five minutes later with an 18-inch machete.

He didn't threaten anyone specifically at the time, only asking for his phone charger before driving off in a Ram Promaster City van.

Police chase ensues

Konder then drove the van up and down an alleyway at high speeds, with police eventually arriving to start a chase.

An officer observed him traveling at speeds around 80mph without any lights on, fishtailing and spraying snow in his wake.

He lost the police momentarily, at which point he smashed into Whittaker's car.

When later interviewed, Konder said he keeps the machete in his work van because he was once robbed on the job.

He also told investigators he was sorry for the victim of the crash and his family, and that he "deserved whatever he got for ruining their lives."

A blood-alcohol sample taken from Konder has been sent to a lab for analysis.

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