Charges: Masked thief rams 2 squad cars with semi-tractor on 50-mile chase

He also tried to run another squad car off the road.
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A Winona man stole a semi-tractor and led police on an hour-long, 50-mile chase.

Criminal charges against Michael David Kronebusch, 42, states he rammed two squad cars and broke through police "stop sticks" on multiple occasions during the Saturday chase.

He drove the semi-tractor at speeds of up to 68 mph as police pursued through Minnesota City, Rollingstone, Elba and St. Charles.


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He stopped in Lewiston after stalling on a hill, shortly after crossing railroad tracks. He was tasered by police as he resisted arrest.

2 squads rammed, another almost run off road

Police were first informed of the stolen, white semi-tractor, a 1995 Freightliner, on Friday.

They came across it in the early hours of Saturday morning, shortly after midnight, and it became apparent that the driver, wearing a blue mask, was not going to stop.

Numerous squad cars followed the semi-tractor as the chase ensued, with the driver running over the centerline, running stop signs, speeding and throwing clothing out of the window.

When an officer pulled alongside on Hwy. 61, the driver suddenly swerved in an attempt to run the squad car off the road.

Then on Hwy. 248, the semi-tractor appeared to stop only to suddenly reverse, hitting a Winona PD squad car.

The complaint says:

"Once the tractor rammed the front end of the squad, it continued to spin the tires in reverse as though it was going to travel up and over the squad. The officer in that squad feared for his safety when the semi-tractor was ramming his squad."

Towards the end of the pursuit the tractor rammed another squad car, before ultimately coming to a stop.

Officers pulled him out of the cab by smashing the driver's side window.

He has been charged with two counts of 2nd degree assault with a dangerous weapon, one count of fleeing a peace officer and one count of receiving stolen property.

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