Charges: MMA fighter punched and pushed officers, was subdued by stun gun

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A mixed martial arts fighter pushed and punched two Minneapolis police officers in an altercation this week, and was eventually subdued with a stun gun, according to charges filed Tuesday.

According to the criminal complaint (which you can read here), officers Troy Lennander and Molly Trupe were attempting to escort the suspect out of a relative's home on the 2500 block on Vincent Avenue North shortly after 9 a.m. Monday.

In the process, the suspect – identified as 22-year-old Robert Mullen – began fighting back, the charges say, punching and pushing officers who eventually used a stun gun to get the situation under control.

Lennander said his face and jawline hurt, and he was dazed afterward; the inside of his mouth was also cut, the charges say. Trupe meanwhile had red marks and swelling on her face, and got a headache afterward.

Both were transported to North Memorial Medical Center for treatment.

While Mullen was being escorted out later, he said he was an MMA fighter and had fought out at a nearby casino, according to the complaint. lists Mullen as being 6-foot-3 and 197 pounds. The Star Tribune notes he had been registered with the Minnesota Office of Combative Sports. In his profile, his license is listed as expired.

Officers were initially called to the residence by an older relative of Mullen on a domestic situation, according to the charges.

Mullen is charged with fourth-degree assault of a peace officer, obstructing the legal process, disorderly conduct, and two counts of domestic assault – all of the charges are gross misdemeanors or misdemeanors.

According to jail records, he had a court appearance set for Wednesday afternoon.

More from the criminal complaint

According to the charges:

The two officers arrived at the scene to find Mullen outside the residence saying he wanted to get his stuff.

The homeowner, an older relative of Mullen's, agreed as long as officers escorted him.

While inside, Mullen began grabbing things that the relative said weren't his, and asked him to leave. The two officers began escorting him out, but in a narrow stairwell Lennander had to let go of Mullen.

Immediately after, Mullen spun and attempted to punch Lennander. Trupe responded by kneeing the suspect multiple times in the thigh, ordering him to comply.

Mullen pushed the officers away and they called for backup.

The next thing Lennander remembers, he was on his back being punched in the face repeatedly.

Trupe saw Mullen on top of the officer, got up and hit Mullen in the head/shoulder area. She then put him in a neck restraint and pulled him off of Lennander.

They struggled, and Mullen got free and went after Lennander again.

Trupe yelled, "Tase him," and Lennander pulled out his stun gun and fired. The first one didn't seem to affect Mullen, so he used it again and it was "effective."

Other officers came and helped escort him out after he was under control.

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