Charges: Poop on suspect's clothes and vandalized car leads to arrest

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A drunk man who vandalized a car in Winona – including defecating on the windshield – was caught after police found him with poop on his clothes, according to charges filed in court.

Brooklyn Park 20-year-old Daniel Kielb was arrested by police who were investigating reports of a car being damaged in an alleyway around 2 a.m. Sunday, the criminal complaint filed against the man says.

When they arrived they found a silver Honda Accord, with officers noting a tread pattern on the passenger side, scratch marks on the hood, and marks on the trunk that "looked like the trunk had been hit with the belt," the charges say.

The most disgusting damage however was done to the windshield, where police found smeared feces, according to the criminal complaint.

The charges continue:

Police had little description about the perpetrator to go on, but the officer had earlier seen a man wearing a blue shirt and white shorts hanging around near the alley, and went back to speak with him after surveying the damaged car.

The man, later identified as Kielb, was found to have "bloodshot, watery eyes, [and] slurred speech" and smelled of alcohol.

Not only was he wearing shoes matching the imprint on the car, and a belt that could have caused the marks on the truck, the officer noticed there was a piece of poop on the back of his shirt, and smeared feces on the back of his shorts.

The owner of the Honda Accord told police the damage was estimated at $3,179.99.

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