Charge: Robbery suspect followed victim from light rail, left her unconscious


This is the moment a Minneapolis man pounced on a woman he followed home from a light rail station and subjected her to a terrifying robbery.

Mika Myron Keali Dalbec, 19, is said to have followed his 22-year-old victim back to her apartment at Jefferson Commons Circle, St. Paul, after she had escorted a friend to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport via the light rail on Jan. 24.

As she entered her apartment building, the woman – referred to in the charging documents as "LB" – felt an arm go around her neck and a hand go over her mouth.

Dalbec, who has been charged with aggravated robbery, is accused of dragging her toward the exit of her building, where the pair struggled as he tried to grab her purse. He then took her out to the parking lot and pulled her to the ground, choking her to unconsciousness.

When she awoke, she had her purse and her belongings but not her MacBook Air laptop.

Surveillance cameras took footage of the attack, while a witness provided a description after hearing the victim screaming.

CCTV later showed the woman was followed from Westgate Station at University and Berry to her apartment building, and also showed the suspect – wearing a blue baseball cap with the letters "H G" – get on a bus to Minneapolis shortly after the early morning attack.

After a "stop and identify" bulletin for a man matching the suspect's description, Dalbec was stopped on Feb. 8 by a Minneapolis police officer who noticed he was wearing the same clothing and cap.

The victim's MacBook laptop locator app indicated the computer was near 1099 South Snelling in St. Paul, and on Feb. 21 the same officer saw Dalbec walking just a few blocks away from that location, and told police he was visiting a friend.

He was then arrested and has been charged with first degree aggravated robbery, which carries a maximum 20 year sentence.

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