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Charges say man brought letter with death threat into judge's courtroom


A man is charged with making terroristic threats against a Ramsey County judge after allegedly making an unscheduled visit to the judge's courtroom while carrying a letter outlining the death threat.

The Pioneer Press reports the complaint against Peter Okezie Kalu says the 30-year-old had a typewritten note for Judge George Stephenson that read in part: "I will look for you until I find you and I will gun you down in front of everybody..."

Citing the criminal complaint, the Pioneer Press says the Ramsey County probation office had first alerted police. An employee said Kalu had called and after learning Stephenson had signed a warrant for his arrest "stated that he was going to check the Ramsey County website to see what the judge looked like and that he was going to 'kill him before police could catch me,' " the complaint said.

The Star Tribune says this prompted Judge Stephenson to look up and study Kalu's mug shot, allowing him to recognize Kalu instantly when he entered the courtroom during an unrelated case.

The Star Tribune also reports that his probation officer told investigators Kalu had recently threatened to kill a federal judge in Minneapolis for denying him benefits.

The Pioneer Press story says that since 2009 Kalu has been convicted of fifth-degree assault, mail theft, fraud, escape from custody, and violating a restraining order.

Recent threats against law enforcement officials in Minnesota include last week's charges against a man alleged to have used Twitter to threaten St. Paul police and the State Patrol.

A Montevideo man whom the FBI once claimed was plotting an attack on police in that city pleaded guilty last month to weapons violations.

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