Charges: Twin Cities radio personality beat up woman with disabilities in domestic dispute

Authorities say the victim has prosthetic legs.

The private life of former radio host Jeff Dubay is once again out in the open, thanks to newly surfaced accusations that he battered a woman with disabilities.

Dubay, who was a popular sports commentator for KFAN and 1500 ESPN, has had numerous legal problems over the years, including convictions for cocaine and meth.

Now, he's formally charged in Washington County with third-degree assault over a domestic disturbance at the victim's Cottage Grove home earlier this month. 

The accusations

According to the criminal complaint, Dubay was living in the victim's basement and had had a "sexual relationship" with her. But on Aug. 2, he apparently upset the victim – identified only as "B.D." – when he brought another woman to the house. 

When B.D. confronted Dubay about this, she later told police, he became angry, shoved her to the floor, and then "punched her several times in the face with closed fists."

When police officers arrived later, they were flagged down by the "other" woman, and then saw B.D. walk out of the house "with blood dripping out of her mouth and a large bump around her eye," the court documents say. 

She also had a missing tooth, and the complaint notes that B.D. has "bilateral prosthetic legs and had a difficult time getting her balance."

Additionally, B.D. reported Dubay "had threatened to kill her several times and choked her in the past."

Dubay's response 

On Tuesday, a defiant Dubay posted a Facebook update addressing the accusations – and vehemently denying them.

"You are likely to hear details that are not true and will be refuted by the only eyewitness," he wrote. "Be assured I will appear in court and defend vigorously, as I am absolutely not guilty of the charges."

As of this writing, the former radioman's update has garnered over 70 replies from Facebook friends. Some are supportive, while others are openly skeptical of Dubay's claims. 

In his own responses, Dubay described the victim as "a sociopath with a deranged mind."

Legal implications

The assault charge carries a maximum prison sentence of five years, and fines of up to $10,000.

The ex-host is already on 10 years' probation for a 2015 meth arrest. It's unclear how this latest incident could affect his probation.

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