Charges: White Bear Lake man kept 2 rotting corpses in his house for a year

Officers were "overcome by the stench of decay."

Last September, a White Bear Lake man made headlines after authorities showed up at his house and found the rotting corpses of his mother and brother inside.

Now, more than a year later, he's been charged with a crime – and is facing up to a year in prison.

Robert Kuefler, 60, was charged Wednesday via summons with one count of interfering with a dead body

According to the criminal charges, police were called to his home on the morning of Sept. 20, 2016, following a call for a welfare check from a neighbor who "had not seen anyone" from inside the residence in a while.

When officers arrived, they looked through a window and saw what appeared to be a dead woman lying on a bed. When they forced entry into the home, they were "overcome by the stench of decay," according to the complaint.

But there was more to come. There was also a "mummified body" in the basement, later determined to be Kuefler's brother Richard. The dead woman, who was "mostly a skeleton," was identified as their mother, Evelyn, the charges say. 

Kuefler, who greeted the officers upon their arrival, later admitted that both had died in the summer of 2015 – more than a year before their bodies were discovered, the charges say. 

Disturbingly, authorities say they obtained a Christmas card that Kuefler sent the December following the deaths, falsely claiming that "Richard and Evelyn are both alive but in bad health."

The card also discouraged people from visiting or making phone calls to the house. 

It was later concluded that the victims had both died of natural causes, according to the charges.

The motive

The charging documents do not mention a motive. 

However, following the gruesome discovery last year, police suspected Kuefler was cashing his mother's and brother's Social Security checks after they died, the White Bear Press reported

And according to the Pioneer Press, Kuefler told police he let the bodies decay in his home because "he couldn’t bring himself to bury them."

White Bear Police told GoMN the defendant is currently not in custody. 

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