Charges: Wisconsin woman sold crushed-up dog food as 'heroin'

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An attempt to sell crushed-up dog food disguised as heroin in Plymouth, Wisconsin, is quickly making its way around the internet and generating headlines across the country.

According to the Sheboygan Press, 22-year-old Megan Meyer is charged in the incident and faces up to 12 years behind bars. She's accused of selling the bogus heroin – along with an aspirin said to be Percocet, a powerful painkiller – to a drug informant last month.

The paper notes she was already on probation for a previous offense, with authorities saying she told the "buyer" she had to sell the "drugs" out of her apartment before her probation officer stopped by.

The Associated Press reports that testing on the substances was "inconclusive."

According to the New York Daily News, though, Meyer later admitted to authorities that she sold the informant the drugs over an apparent vendetta, claiming he had previously stolen a "car seat" from her.

She also admitted to mashing up the dog food to make it look like heroin, Breitbart adds.

The newspaper says she is charged with "selling imitation controlled substances" and bail-jumping charges related to forgery charges from this past fall.

No word on what brand of kibble it was.

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