Charges: Woman had her car stolen outside Walmart, then got a phone call from the thief

He couldn't figure out how to start the car again.

This car thief isn't the brightest.

A few hours after successfully stealing a car outside the Walmart on County Road 120 in Sartell, Minnesota, has called the victim asking how to get it started again.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim had started her Jeep Grand Cherokee via remote start as she was getting ready to leave Walmart on Monday evening.

When she got outside, her car had disappeared, with Walmart staff reviewing video that showed a man getting in the car and driving away.

It was a few hours later however that she received a call from a woman, who said she was with a man who had questions about her vehicle.

Calling himself "Wayne Hennen," he said he worked for an auto glass company and had just "completed the work on her vehicle."

The only problem? He couldn't get it started again (that'll happen when you steal a car without any keys), and asked her to call the remote-start company so they could start the car, and he would kindly return the car to her house.

Smelling a rat, the victim managed to get him to tell her the address of where he was, at which point she promptly called the police.

Police found her car in the parking lot of an apartment building in Isle, Minnesota, where they arrested 37 year old Edward Leroy Wilson, of Sauk Centre.

He has been charged with one count of motor vehicle theft.

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