Charges: Woman invites homeless friend to stay at her house, he rapes her

The man is facing two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct.

A woman who let a homeless friend stay the night in her home was raped by him while her three children were sleeping, according to charges filed in Ramsey County.

Luke Michael Johnson, of Billings, Montana, was charged Monday with two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct in connection with the attack.

The victim was a friend of his, a woman who let the homeless 24-year-old stay at her place when he was not traveling the U.S. on the railway network, with the charges saying he has "nowhere else to go."

The criminal complaint says:

The victim went to sleep in her bedroom on the second floor but awoke to see Johnson enter the bedroom and climb into her bed. She told him to leave but he continued to crawl towards her legs.

He pulled her pants down and sexually assaulted her multiple times, despite her telling him to stop. He was also too heavy for her to push him off.

At different points during the attack, he put his hands over her neck and tried to strangle her, slapped her in the face several times, and told her to "shut up" when she protested.

After the assault ended, the victim took her three children to a safe location and went to work, telling a friend about the assault. The friend advised her to go and get a sexual assault test.

She received two two messages from Johnson on Thursday, the first saying: "Hey is everything okay? I kind of blacked out last night after smoking that." The second read: "Well I hope I did nothing wrong..."

After the exam was completed, she called the police and officers found Johnson still at her home, asleep in the living room.

If convicted, Johnson a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison for each count.

Sexual assault resources

The organization RAINN says sexual violence has fallen by more than half over the past 24 years. But an average of more than 321,000 Americans ages 12 and over are sexually assaulted annually. And one in six women, and one in 33 men, has experienced an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime.

According to RAINN, 45 percent of sexual assaults are committed by an acquaintance of the victim. Some 28 percent are committed by a stranger and 25 percent committed by a partner or ex-partner.

There are many support services in Minnesota for victims of sexual assault. You can find details of some on the Minnesota Department of Public Services website by clicking here.

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