Charges: Woman stole and killed dog after breaking into Minneapolis home

A Minneapolis woman is accused of two break-ins at the home of a woman she had "apparently been stalking."

A Minneapolis woman is accused of burglarizing the same house twice, and during one of those allegedly stole a dog she later tortured and killed.

Elizabeth Rose Osterbauer, 24, of Minneapolis, will appear in court on Monday after accused of the burglaries on the 3500 block of Boardman Street, but the criminal complaint reveals alleged actions that went beyond the break-ins.

Osterbauer had "apparently been stalking" the homeowner, identified by KSTP as Shelly Byzewski, for whom she had romantic feelings that were not reciprocated.

According to the criminal complaint:

On either June 5 or 6, when Byzewski was out of town, Osterbauer is allegedly responsible for a break-in at her house, during which extensive flood damage was caused when the toilet was plugged with cat litter.

Taken during the burglary were files on Byzewski's two missing dogs, both of which she believes Osterbauer stole during an earlier burglary at her home on Dec. 10, 2015.

A witness told police they were with Osterbauer on Dec. 10, 2015, when she broke into the home and took at least one dog, which she then stomped to death before throwing it in a marsh at a wildlife refuge.

Another witness told investigators that Osterbauer had admitted to torturing, drugging and killing one of Byzewski's dogs, called "Ducky."

It's not clear if Osterbauer personally carried out the second burglary. She offered another witness $1,000 to do the job for her, and this same witness believes that in the end she convinced her brother to do it for her.

Osterbauer has been charged with two counts of second-degree burglary.

Suspect helped victim look for dog

Osterbauer had met the victim through a dog rescue agency, the criminal complaint says. Osterbauer is listed on the Better Business Bureau as the owner/manager of the Close to Home Canine Rescue in south Minneapolis.

Byzewski told KSTP that Osterbauer had helped her search for the missing dogs she is believed to have stolen.

"She helped me hang up posters," she told the TV station. "She told me things like, ‘we gotta keep looking’, ‘somebody has got to have him’, ‘people get attached quick’, ‘hang posters’, which I was already doing."

Osterbauer was initially booked into the Hennepin County Jail with another charge, animal cruelty, but two burglary charges are the only ones to have been filed in court by prosecutors.

It's not known what happened to the second dog.

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