Check it out: Vikings have the best odds of winning the Super Bowl

Don't look now Vikings fans, but this team is getting noticed!

With the Minnesota Vikings 5-0 and the last unbeaten team in the NFL, you knew someone was going to have to talk about it.

A website that handles football projections believes the Vikings have the best chance to reach and win Super Bowl 51 in Houston.

Football Outsiders is giving the Vikings a 17.4 percent chance of winning the big game. Remember though, we aren't quite 1/3 of the way through the season, and as Vikings fans know all too well, anything can happen.

But just for fun here is what some math geeks for the website figured out. The Vikings have:

  • A 93.9 percent chance of making the playoffs
  • A 76.5 percent chance of winning the NFC North
  • A 62.1 percent chance of having a first round bye
  • A 52 percent chance of reaching the NFC Championship game
  • A 30.1 percent chance of reaching the Super Bowl
  • And a 17.4 percent chance of winning it

How do they come up with it?

It's a rather complicated formula that requires a computer playing out the season 50,000 times. If you want to know more just click here.

According to the projections, Seattle has the second-best chance of winning the Super Bowl at 16.7 percent, Pittsburgh is third at 14.6 percent, New England and Denver are 4th and 5th at around 7 percent.

So if math has anything to do with it, maybe, just maybe this is Minnesota's year.

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