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Check out the Target electronics section that time forgot

Prepare to be hit by a wave of nostalgia.

You know how Target just announced a raft of major facelifts for some of its Twin Cities stores? Well, it looks like this one might need some love too.

The image above was posted on Reddit by user TumblingMustard, who took the snap at a store in Centerville, Utah.

It's a real nostalgia trip back to the early-2000s, when you may have seen those distinctive blue neon lights at your local Target as you wandered around listening to Drops of Jupiter, as boxy on-sale TVs displayed trailers for Shrek and Legally Blonde.

Of course, the latest gadgets at the time were the recently-released iPod, the Microsoft Xbox and the latest incarnation of the Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

The post has had more than 40,000 upvotes on Reddit, with commenters harking back to a different time.

"I worked in that very electronics section 10 years ago and it had the same signage back then too, haha," one commenter said.

It's actually probably at the point now where it's considered retro – Target should probably think about putting some back in.

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