Check out this crazy photo of a deer jumping over a state trooper's squad car

It's yet another reminder to always pay attention while you're driving.
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Here's your daily reminder to always pay attention behind the wheel. 

A Minnesota State Trooper's squad camera recorded a pretty crazy scene when a young buck jumped over the car's push bumper during a recent training session at Camp Ripley

The Minnesota State Patrol posted a photo of the buck's jump on Facebook Tuesday, noting the deer wasn't hurt and no damage was done to the vehicle.

But the State Patrol is using the photo to remind drivers to always pay attention. 

And keeping an eye out for deer is especially important in Minnesota, where vehicle-deer collisions are pretty common.

Insurance company State Farm says Minnesota is a "high risk" state for getting into a crash with a deer, noting on average one in 80 drivers in the state will have an insurance claim for damage caused by hitting a deer. 

In 2015 – the most recent year available for such crash data – there were 2,141 deer-vehicle collisions, according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Those crashes led to six deaths, 345 injuries, and 1,846 collisions that caused property damage.

The chance of hitting a deer doubles in October, November and December – when the animals are mating, State Farm says. 

State Farm has some other tips to avoid hitting a deer:

  • Pay attention and slow down, especially at dusk and dawn.
  • If you see one deer, there may be others trying to cross the road.
  • Brake if you can, but avoid swerving – doing so could make the crash more severe.

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