Check out this drone video that was shot all over the Twin Cities

The video shows scenes from all around the Twin Cities.

Shot all around the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

This drone video gives us a bird's eye view of the Twin Cities.

Chris Jones uploaded the video to Vimeo last week, noting scenes from the nearly four-minute video were shot from all around the metro.

If you got a drone for Christmas and you're planning to head out and capture footage like Jones did, remember there are new rules about using drones.

All drones or unmanned aircraft need to be registered with the FAA – it's a $5 fee for those who use the drone for a hobby, the FAA says. In the past year, more than 616,000 drones have been registered in the FAA's system.

And remember, no matter why you're flying a drone, the FAA says not to fly it over people and to respect the privacy of anyone on the ground. And don't fly it near an aircraft or restricted airspace.

But definitely enjoy the footage when someone posts a cool video like the one above.Credit: Chris Jones, Vimeo

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