Chelsea Clinton in Minneapolis to rally support for Hillary and early voting

Gov. Dayton introduced her before her remarks.

Chelsea Clinton was in Minneapolis on Thursday on the campaign trail for her mother, Hillary Clinton.

Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton introduced Chelsea Clinton before she spoke at Plaza Verde in South Minneapolis, just two days after Bernie Sanders campaigned for Hilary Clinton in Minneapolis and Duluth.

Chelsea told the crowd that she has been especially invested in this year's election because she is a mother now.

In her speech, Clinton said she never thought she would see the "demonization of people on the basis of gender, race, immigration status, religion, disability status," in her lifetime. She added that our children are listening when discrimination is covered and the discussion is not rhetorical.

In response to Trump's campaign, she said, "Our values really are at stake, because comprehensive immigration reform isn’t just about people who are immigrants or who know their parent's immigrant stories. It is about our bedrock American values as a country of immigrants."

Clinton supporters got the opportunity to meet and selfie with Chelsea.

Minnesotans are able to cast their vote now, ahead of the Nov. 8 election. You can sign up to vote early here. For more, check out

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