Chicago tavern to set up shop next to Mayo Clinic Square in Minneapolis


We now have a pretty good idea of where Mayo Clinic Square employees might be going for happy hour after work.

The Old Town Pour House, a Chicago "concept" beer purveyor which boasts more brews than you could drink in a lifetime (well, 90, according to its website), will move into the recently redesigned Block E building at the corner of 7th Street and Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis, according to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.

The paper says the arrival of the Pour House – the first new restaurant tenant in Block E – is a boon for the developers of the space, which was apparently still 41 percent empty at the time the deal was made.

The complex is home to the new Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center, as well as training facilities for the Timberwolves and Lynx.

Not to be confused with the Pourhouse just a couple of blocks down the street at the corner of Hennepin and 5th Avenue, the restaurant has two Windy City locations and another in Maryland, and was voted one of America's 100 best beer bars, its website says.

According to City Pages, the Minneapolis location will open next spring.

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