Child, 7, escapes abduction in Coon Rapids

The suspect is apparently a teenage female.

What happened?

Police in Anoka County say a 7-year-old child was allegedly abducted for a short time in Coon Rapids.

The sheriff's office issued an appeal for information after the incident was reported at 4:35 p.m. on Thursday, when the child was taken into a vehicle.

The child then escaped a few blocks away and ran home, returning within minutes of the alleged incident. Police say they're still "working on attempting to verify components of the report."

Who's the suspect?

The alleged abductor is described as a white, teenage female, with brown hair and greenish-blue eyes.

She's also about 5-feet tall and "skinny." She was wearing a pink shirt with the word "The" printed on the front, as well as jean shorts.

The vehicle she was in is described as a silver, four-door sedan with red stripes and an Elmo sticker on the driver's window.

Anoka County Sheriff's Office told GoMN there have been no further developments in the case since it issued the public appeal on Friday.

Anyone with information should call the Coon Rapids Police Department at (763) 427-1212.

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