Chipotle temporarily closes, competitor steps up

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If you were planning on grabbing lunch at Chipotle on Monday, you might have to make other plans. All of their restaurants will be closing for a few hours while employees attend a food safety meeting.

So another restaurant is trying to lure in Chipotle-goers who were banking on a Monday burrito.

Freshii is a restaurant chain that aims to provide fresh, nutritious meals to people on the go. And they'll be offering a hefty discount to customers who turn to them for a Mexican meal.

All of their Mexican-inspired menu items will be 50 percent off, the restaurant says. That includes their Pangoa bowl, Tex Mex burrito, fiesta salad and more. There will be a one item per customer limit.

The founder and CEO of Freshii – Matthew Corrin – said in a news release that they're "big fans of Chipotle," and want to "look after their customers."

Chipotle restaurants will be closed Monday until mid afternoon, the Star Tribune reports. But Freshii will offer their half-off discount all day.

Corrin told the New York Times that he thinks the discount will cost them, but he hopes it will introduce people to healthier burrito and bowl options.

According to the Star Tribune, Freshii has more than 200 restaurants, including one at the Mall of America and several in Minneapolis.

Chipotle talks food safety

Monday, Chipotle will temporarily close their doors to educate employees on food safety procedures.

This comes after some food-born illnesses were linked to the restaurant.

In September, a salmonella outbreak in Minnesota sickened 45 people. It was linked to tomatoes.

Then in November, E.coli was traced to Chipotle locations, including some in Minnesota. Forbes says that sickened 53 people across the country.

The news source says more than 140 customers got norovirus in the Boston area, and another E.coli strain was linked to the restaurant in late December.

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