Christmas in August? It's not too early for this Fargo store

The Hobby Lobby in Fargo has skipped ahead of Halloween and Thanksgiving and put out its Christmas merchandise already, WDAY reports. Holiday decorations and forever-green trees are irresistible to some customers even in summer, store manager Dave Craft says. "As soon as we put it out, people start shopping it."
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Isn't this back-to-school shopping season? And next it's Halloween, Thanksgiving – and then Christmas?

The Hobby Lobby in Fargo isn't waiting, WDAY reports. The store has already stocked its Christmas merchandise, and some customers are snatching up holiday decorations, store manager Dave Craft says.

Some Hobby Lobby stores in the retail chain start stocking holiday decorations as early as May, this CBS News affiliate in Alabama reports.

Some consumers have led a revolt against Christmas coming too early to stores.

The, a site for shoppers, tracks "Christmas creep."

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