Christmas tree crop the best in Minnesota history

If you're thinking about going for a real tree this holiday -- this is the year to do it. The latest report from the Minnesota Christmas Tree Association says the wet spring and summer has resulted in the best growing season the state's ever had.

Minnesota’s Christmas tree growers report an outstanding crop of trees to choose from this holiday season. The Executive Director of the Minnesota Christmas Tree Association, Jan Donelson, says it’s been an excellent growing season.

“This year has been the best growing season we have ever had in Minnesota” said Donelson. “With our relatively wet spring and summer, the trees are lush and green.”

Donelson is a member of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Minnesota Grown Program and one of 50 Christmas tree growers listed in the Minnesota Grown Directory.

Minnesota Grown spokesman Paul Hugunin says buying a real tree from a farm or grower-owned retail lot is a great way to support your local community and a sustainable industry. He says many Christmas tree farms offer activities the whole family can enjoy.

“This is an ideal time to plan a trip to pick out a real tree,” Hugunin says. “Going to a choose-and-cut farm or a local tree lot is a special holiday tradition for many Minnesota families. The experience of a trip to the tree farm will be remembered and treasured long after the presents are gone.”

Many farms offer additional activities such as wagon rides, hot apple cider, holiday treats, live reindeer and visits from Santa. You can also pick up other holiday decorations such as wreaths, ornaments and tree stands as well as unique crafts and gifts.

Search for local choose-and-cut farms and grower-owned retail lots in the online Minnesota Grown directory. You can simply type in your city or zip code and find maps, websites and contact information for a farm near you. Or for a free printed copy of the directory, call 1-800-657-3878.

Tips for keeping trees fresh throughout the holiday season can be found on the Minnesota Christmas Tree Association web site.

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