Cirrus Aircraft to expand in Grand Forks


Duluth-based Cirrus Aircraft will expand its Grand Forks, N.D., facility as it prepares for production of the Vision SF50 jet.

The Duluth News Tribune reports that while modifications of the Grand Forks facility began in May, the 40 ton, 40 foot long autoclave oven has only recently been delivered. The building will be constructed to surround it. The autoclave oven is used in the manufacturing process of composite parts.

The company expects the expansion to be finished by the end of July, with the facility operational by mid-August.

In a statement announcing the move, the company said, “Bringing this process to Cirrus at the Grand Forks composites facility will save the company several million dollars over the next 10 years and creates the opportunity for future job growth.”

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Duluth-based Cirrus plans to bring up to 60 jobs at its Grand Forks, N.D., plant as it partners with a company that makes a new type of small "sport" plane. The Grand Forks Herald report Cirrus is taking over manufacturing for a large portion of the Icon A5 -- a plane that can take off and land on water.