Cited driver in St. Paul shows the world how not to use a seat belt

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State troopers see their share of crazy things on the job – but on some occasions, words probably just fail them.

Take Wednesday, for instance, where a trooper tasked with enforcing the State Patrol's current seat belt crackdown in downtown St. Paul saw the restraints being used in quite a remarkable way.

A picture posted on the State Patrol's Facebook shows a seat belt being used to secure a stack of pallets atop a car's roof.

The driver and passenger of the vehicle were both cited for not wearing their seat belts after they were pulled over.

"You can't make this stuff up," the State Patrol's posting said. "Secure your cargo but the seat belt is for you, not your load."

The State Patrol is running extra seat belt patrols through Oct. 25. It says that 94 percent of drivers and passengers surveyed comply with seat belt laws.

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