City of Blaine: There are too many wild animals here, quit feeding them

You can still feed the birds, though.

The City of Blaine is prohibiting people from feeding wild animals.

Officials said in a Facebook post that there's getting to be too many wild and feral animals there. This is an effort to slow the "increasing wildlife population in a city with ever declining suitable wildlife habitat."

So in a March city council meeting, city leaders passed an ordinance prohibiting people from feeding animals that aren't pets. It goes into effect April 24, the Star Tribune reports.

According to the city, that means no grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, salt licks, or any other food that attracts wild animals. Trees and living plants are not considered food, though.

Birds are an exception. You can still put out bird seed and other bird foods. However, feeding devices should be designed to prevent other animals from accessing them.

The ordinance also doesn't apply to veterinarians or government officials who may have wild animals in their custody.

According to the Star Tribune, city leaders are also trying to prevent deer collisions on roads. There were 89 collisions in 2015 compared with 66 in 2013. Complaints about deer increased as well.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says feeding deer isn't a good idea. Officials say it's known to increase the number of deer-automobile accidents. Feeding the animals also puts them at higher risk for disease since food attracts more deer to one area, making it easier for diseases to spread.

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