Clap along if you're celebrating International Day of Happiness

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Your eyes are part of your smile, too, aren't they?

A group that's helping the world celebrate Friday's International Day of Happiness has strategically placed billboards around the U.S. – in the shape of a smile (as shown on the map above).

Minnesota is part of the smile, although we're one of the eyes rather than the mouth.

The Smile Across America project is the work of The Joy Team, which calculates that its 37 billboards up for 4 weeks each will generate a total of about 10 million smiles.

Each billboard bears its own inspirational message along with the name of its local sponsor.

Several examples are on a Facebook page devoted to the project.

The project includes two billboards in the Twin Cities, one each in Minneapolis and St. Paul, the Star Tribune says.

The message in Minneapolis reads: "Think happy thoughts. They're better for you than blueberries."

While St. Paul gets reminded: "You make a difference. A big one."

International Day of Happiness

Yes, it's a thing and it's already underway around the world.

The United Nations has declared March 20 International Day of Happiness. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon seems pretty happy about it.

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