Clever cocktails land Minneapolis spot Coup d'etat on list of nation's top new bars


Thirsty? Then head to Coup d'etat in Minneapolis.

According to Thrillist, patrons at the newish bar and restaurant located in Uptown will do a lot more than merely wet their whistle when they belly up to the bar there. The website named Coup d'etat, which opened in January, one of the 21 best new bars in the U.S.

Thrillist liked the looks of the place, and appreciated what it called the "grand interpretations" of classic cocktails. The choice drink at Coup d'etat, according to the story, is called Rosemary’s Secret. It features bourbon, fresh lemon, rosemary, and a maple brown sugar reduction.

The Thrillist post also mentioned bartender Jesse Held, who has also poured notable drinks at Borough and Parlor. Earlier this month, the Star Tribune reported Coup d'etat won several Charlie Awards, the local award that honors restaurants and those in the food business. Jesse Held was named as Outstanding Bartender, and Coup d’etat also won the Outstanding Restaurant Design category.

In its review, Mpls.St.Paul magazine noted Held's innovative and recreated cocktails. The critic said that Coup d'etat "has set a new standard of dining and drinking in Uptown Minneapolis. The smart and stylish restaurant and bar was created for the neighborhood."

City Pages also gave the food on the Coup d'etat menu a positive review, noting the way the cocktails are helpfully categorized by how much kick you care to imbibe.

"The drinks are divided into two categories: 'pack-a-punch' (in other words, boozy) and 'easy drinkin' (less boozy, but by no means alcohol-free)."

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