Clever greeting cards go from Mpls. basement into boutiques


Humorous greeting cards made in a couple's south Minneapolis basement are drawing attention, winning awards and selling like crazy.

That's the scoop from WCCO-TV, which has a story on Joel and Lauren Gryniewski, who started a company in 2006 called Old Tom Foolery and began making what the couple and the station call "unsappy and uncrappy" cards.

They also happened to be funny, in a post-ironic way that says normal greeting cards are pretty square.

“We felt like there wasn’t a lot of nice stationary that wasn’t really feminine,” Lauren tells 'CCO. “When we were buying cards for each other when we were dating, and he said everything was flowery and he was embarrassed to be buying it.”

An example of the couple's wit: "I owe you one. That's just an expression. Let's not keep track of who owes who what."

WCCO says the cards are found in 600 boutiques across the country, and now in stores like Urban Outfitters, Papyrus and Target.

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