Clinton meets Castile family, tells teachers 'We cannot let this madness continue'


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton came to the Twin Cities Monday and told a national teachers union she'd met with Philando Castile's mother, uncles, and sister.

Castile's shooting death by police during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights this month has become a flashpoint in a national debate over race and law enforcement.

At the mention of Castile, protesters at the American Federation of Teachers' convention began chanting and approaching the stage. Clinton drew the crowd to its feet by gesturing to the protesters and saying "I share your urgency and commitment to actually addressing these issues."

(There's a video of the convention's Friday speeches here. Clinton's remarks begin about 2 hours and 6 minutes in and her comments about Castile start about three minutes later.)

FOX 9 reports the demonstrators were chanting "Hands up, don't shoot!" as they approached the stage.

'No justification' for killing police officers

Once the crowd settled down, Clinton continued by saying "We cannot let this madness continue."

She spoke about recent deaths not only in Minnesota but in Orlando, Dallas, and in Baton Rouge, where three police officers were killed in an ambush over the weekend.

"The killing of police officers is a crime against us all," Clinton said. "There can be no justification, no looking the other way and it must end."

She called for the country to get back to the fundamental principle that "everyone in every community benefits when there is respect for the law and everyone is respected by the law."

Clinton later aimed criticism at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's new running mate, telling the teachers Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is "one of the most hostile politicians in America when it comes to education."

Republicans vow to 'Make America Safe Again'

While Clinton was speaking in Minneapolis, she was being criticized in Cleveland where the Republican National Convention was underway.

Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Keith Downey said in a statement that the first day's theme – Make America Safe Again – was especially appropriate for Clinton, saying: "Hillary Clinton talks a big talk, but when it comes down to results we have a more dangerous world, a weakened national security, and have lost the respect of other nations because of our failure to lead. We need new leadership, not a third term of Obama’s failed policies."

While some divisions among Republicans were apparent at their convention Monday, Downey told WCCO he thinks the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency is a strong motivation to bring the party together.

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