Clock ticking for lottery ticket holders who've yet to claim $1.1M in winnings


A couple of very lucky lottery players out there are seriously tempting fate.

The Minnesota Lottery says there are just a few days left to collect $1.1 million in unclaimed winnings, which belong to two ticket holders who won big nearly a year ago but never came forward, according to a news release.

Officials say a $100,000 All or Nothing ticket purchased in Wright County expires March 16, while a $1 million Powerball ticket bought in Hennepin County will be null and void after March 26.

The release advises the winners – should they become aware of their good fortune in time, if they haven't already – to sign the back of their tickets and call the Lottery's Communications office.

If no one comes forward, however, it's not all bad news. The unclaimed money will go into Minnesota's general fund, which helps take care of K-12 and higher education expenditures as well as assistance to local governments, according to the state.

Lottery officials say the games have generated more than $2.4 billion since 1990.

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