Close call: WI gas station canopy blows over, customers escape injury

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A couple of lucky motorists in Walworth County, Wisconsin, will be able to look back on the year 2015 and say it went out with a bang.

Monday was a fairly normal (if snowy, blustery and cold) day in the city of Delavan, until the afternoon took a bizarre turn when the overhead canopy of a local Citgo gas station suddenly blew over. There were at least two vehicles – and customers at the station at the time.

According to FOX 6, the cars were under the canopy when it fell, and one of them took serious damage; as for their owners, one was in the station paying for gas, and the others "narrowly missed" getting hit by the structure.

The Delavan Fire Department responded to the scene and shared photos of what had happened, including this one:

The owner was apparently just as shocked as the customers, telling CBS 58 it was a "total surprise" and "a lot worse than I imagined" when he first heard about the collapse.

The news station noted that a crane was due to remove the wreckage on Tuesday, while technicians were on the scene to check for fuel leaks.

FOX 6 says the owner also hoped to have at least a couple of pumps back in action on Tuesday.

According to Walworth County Today, high winds are blamed for knocking the canopy over.

The gas station certainly wasn't the only weather casualty of its kind; in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a Shell station took serious damage when its canopy blew down – also on Monday, Michigan Live reported. Have a look:

City officials have since said the accident was a combination of wind and corrosion on the columns that support the structure, Michigan Live noted.

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