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After close friend's killing, police wouldn't let St. Paul high schooler graduate alone

Marcus Williams' close friend was killed in a drive-by shooting a week before his graduation.

It was graduation day for Marcus Williams and he'd been expecting his close friend Keyira Nunn to be there to watch him get his high school diploma.

But Nunn, a 17-year-old from St. Paul, was tragically killed in a drive-by shooting on Friday, June 2.

Williams was devastated by her death and with no family to attend, the 21-year-old had expected to graduate from City Academy High School alone on Thursday.

But support arrived from three special guests who wanted to be there for him.

Two of them were homicide investigators Sgts. Dan Zebro and Tom Arnold, who had met Williams as they investigated his friend's death and, according to the St. Paul Police Department, "formed a bond."

Just 24 hours earlier, they had arrested a suspect in connection with Nunn's killing.

Also joining them was Nunn's grandmother, Yvette Armstrong, who according to the Pioneer Press gave Williams her granddaughter's Minnesota Wild jersey, saying: "I felt like that was something my granddaughter would do. That was the type of person she was."

St. Paul PD noted Williams had told the two sergeants he had been working hard "to overcome some significant challenges in his life," which the police say were "no fault of his own."

Also in attendance at the ceremony was Senior Cmdr. Tina McNamara, who told the Pioneer Press: "It doesn’t surprise me that Tom and Dan formed a bond with Marcus. They care about people and want to help hard-working people succeed."

A 23-year-old man, Dauntrelle Bullock, was charged on Friday with Nunn's killing.

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