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Clubhouse Jager has reopened, with the same controversial owner

The bar shut down five months ago after a staff walkout.

What's happening?

Clubhouse Jager in the Minneapolis North Loop is open again.

So what?

Well the bar has been closed for five months, ever since its staff walked out in protest of owner Julius DeRoma.

Eagle-eyed pedestrians in the North Loop noticed the "Open" sign was illuminated on Wednesday.

And KARE 11 confirmed that the bar had reopened and that DeRoma is still the owner.

Why did the staff walk out?

Because it emerged that DeRoma had previously donated money to the 2016 U.S. Senate campaign of David Duke.

Duke, you might know, is a notorious former Ku Klux Klan leader.


– Entire Clubhouse Jager staff quits over donations to David Duke.

He outed in a blog post identifying donors to the Duke campaign, prompting DJs and groups to cancel events at the bar on Washington Avenue North.

This was followed a short time after by a staff walkout, prompting management to shut the bar down.

What are they saying?

Staff at the bar aren't talking much other than to confirm that they're open again.

Nobody has been able to reach DeRoma for comment.

CityPages spoke to the on-duty manager, Josh Portwood, who also confirmed DeRoma was still the owner, but wouldn't say if any of the bar's former workers had come back.

Earlier this week Portwood posted on his Facebook page: "I have a new job, can't wait to reveal it and piss a bunch of people off," which clarified in the comments was meant to be sarcastic, adding "I am by no means a supporter of prejudice in any way."

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