Cod red-handed: Suspect on the hook for drunken driving blames beer-battered fish

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Facing the 10th drunken driving charge of his life, John Przybyla had a more unusual explanation for the smell of alcohol – fish.

The 75-year-old from Friendship, Wisconsin, told a deputy who pulled him over that he smelled of alcohol because he'd just been to a traditional Wisconsin fish fry and had just eaten some beer-battered seafood, WSAW reports.

Przybyla was stopped on Highway 13 in October after he made a U-turn on the road, and his vehicle is also said to have had a broken taillight.

The police complaint says that Przybyla was smoking a cigarette when the deputy reached him, and the deputy noticed an odor of intoxicants on his breath, according to the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune.

Przybyla said he had not been drinking, but had been at a fish fry nearby. He later refused to take a blood test at Moundview Memorial Hospital in Adams, saying it was against his religion, the newspaper notes.

Przybyla, who had a revoked driver's license at the time he was pulled over, allegedly gave a breath alcohol test result of 0.062, which is more than the 0.02 limit he is subject to because of his previous convictions, Channel 3000 reports.

He is scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 21, 2015.

Unusual excuses for drunk-driving

While the court will decide on Przybyla's explanation for his DWI charge, drunken drivers elsewhere in the country have not fared well with unusual excuses.

In Florida in March, 61-year-old Michael Moore explained to police that his wife told him he had been drinking too much, so he had decided to "drive it off," according to FindLaw.

WDRB reports that a 53-year-old was under the influence when he was pulled over by officers in Louisville, Kentucky, last year, and when asked if he was okay, said: "It's ok, I'm going to AA."

Back in Florida, attorney David Robbins told First Coast News he has heard all sorts of excuses in his time, including one in which a driver blamed a "squirrel in his shirt."

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