Cold brew is changing the coffee world, and Target wants in

Target says their new drink is "not just another iced coffee."

Cold brew coffee is so hot right now, and Target wants in on the buzz.

The Minneapolis-based company boasts that it was one of the first mass retailers to start stocking shelves with popular brands of cold brew late last year. And after seeing how well its customers responded, Target announced this week it's launching its own line of the smooth, concentrated coffees.

They'll be crafted under Target's store brand Archer Farms, and will come in original black brew or with hints of cinnamon or vanilla.

Target says it's not just another iced coffee – because they're not even the same thing. 

Iced coffee is hot coffee poured over ice; cold brew is made from ground coffee that's soaked in cold or room-temperature water for about 12 hours, resulting in a "smooth, lush (and less acidic) taste with more concentrated caffeine."

Target is promising a top-notch, bold and delicious drink brewed from hand-selected premium coffee beans that will taste just as good as a coffee shop's cold brew, but at a more affordable price.

The cold brew trend

America's demand for cold brew coffee is increasing more every day.

The trend has grown by about 120 percent nationwide, and by 2020, it’s expected to be a $1.2 billion industry, Target says.

Cold brew started out as something you'd really only find in indie coffee shops, but became more mainstream when Starbucks introduced the drink in 2015, the New York Times says.

Millennials are the driving force behind the cold brew trend, helping to jump sales by 115 percent, according to Millennial Marketing.

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