Coldest Turkey Day in 84 years? It just might be


This Thanksgiving will be cold. We know that (and if you didn't know that, this morning's frigid temperatures across the state may have tipped you off).

But just how cold it gets (and stays) could creep very close to being one for the record books.

The high this afternoon? Not very high

Forecast highs this afternoon for the Twin Cities area are generally in the very low teens, with forecasting we'll top out at 11 degrees today. Matt Brickman with WCCO is a bit less enthusiastic, pegging the high a 10 degrees.

How does that compare historically?

The DNR actually has a full table of weather records on Thanksgiving dating all the way back to 1872.

The last time the Twin Cities didn't get above 11 degrees on Turkey Day? Way back in 1985.

If today doesn't get above 10 degrees? Well, the last time that happened was in 1930, when the high was 7 degrees.

That Thanksgiving, according to the DNR's page, is one of two in the entire record books where temps were in the single digits. (The other was in 1872, the first year on record, which saw a high of minus 1 ... so it could be worse.)

Relative warm-up this evening

The evening might get in the way of our shot at the record books, however.

BringMeTheNews meteorologist Jerrid Sebesta says the temperature is expected to rise a bit as the night wears on, and the temp could be up to 12 or 13 degrees in the Twin Cities at midnight.

Since each day's recorded low/high is in a 24-hour period, that would eclipse the afternoon's low of 10 or 11 (or whatever it ends up being).

Still, take a peek at the DNR's records, and a high of 13 today would still be among the top seven coldest Thanksgivings on record.

There's also a 90 percent chance of snow tonight for the Twin Cities, which Sebesta says will likely hit pretty late, with 1-2 inches possible.

Around the state: More cold

  • Duluth – Sunny with a high of 13 degrees. Snow likely late, with temps falling to about 7 degrees.
  • St. Cloud – Temperatures today likely won't reach double digits, maxing out at 9 degrees. It'll be mostly sunny until tonight, when there is a 100 percent chance of snow.
  • Moorhead – Frigid, with a high of 7 degrees. A snow/sleet mix is expected tonight, with temps likely remaining in the single digits until Friday.
  • Marshall – A moderate chance of light snow during the day with a high of 15 degrees. It'll drop a few degrees later tonight, and flakes might continue.

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