Collapse survivors request pieces of I-35W bridge


Although it's a day most want to forget, the survivors of the I-35W bridge collapse will remember Aug. 1, 2007 for the rest of their lives.

Some would like a piece of the battered steel to keep as a memorial and solemn reminder.

The Star Tribune says several survivors have requested a piece of the bridge to put in their homes, either mounted on the wall or used as landscaping.

The University of St. Thomas thought about getting a segment to remind engineering students of their professional responsibilities.

Currently, the twisted girders sit in snow-covered land off I-94 in Afton and in an Oakdale facility owned by Minnesota Department of Transportation.

MnDOT spokesman Kevin Gutknecht tells the newspaper that the department may be legally obligated to sell the steel pieces for scrap and put the money back into the state budget.

Minnesota paid more than $36 million to victims from a state compensation fund and wrapped up their legal battles with several firms last November.

Gutknecht says a plan should be announced soon.

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