Colorful, tiny 'mouse doors' are popping up around Minneapolis

"It adds variety. It repurposes ugly, unused, anonymous places."

It's Banksy meets Ratatouille.

Tiny, colorful doors perfect for a mouse have started appearing around the Twin Cities over the past few weeks, courtesy of Mows (it's pronounced mouse).

He moved from San Francisco to the Twin Cities, and started adding decorative mouse doors around the area – most of them in the artsy areas of northeast Minneapolis, according to mows510 on Instagram.

"I think it adds to the quality of life in a city," 55-year-old Mows, who wants to remain anonymous because street art isn't exactly legal, told the Minnesota Daily. “It adds variety. It repurposes ugly, unused, anonymous places.”

The doors are made of painted canvas, the Minnesota Daily says. And then Mows installs them – along with a window and a welcome mat – at the bottom of exterior walls, pillars and posts around the area, his Instagram account shows.

Most of the doors Mows has added in the Twin Cities look like colorful, wooden doors. But in other cities, he's added some specialty doors, like this one that looks like a Gameboy and this one that's Pokemon themed.

And they aren't exclusive to cities – Mows added a door to the Grand Canyon during a road trip. Check out that view:

Mows isn't the only one doing mouse-sized street art. Decorative, mouse-sized shops have been spotted in Sweden, too. You can see AnonyMouse's work on Instagram here.

And for more great street art, check out these photos.

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