Comcast is increasing internet speeds for its Twin Cities Xfinity customers

It won't cost existing customers any extra.

If you're a Comcast internet user in the Twin Cities, your broadband is about to get faster.

Comcast announced on Tuesday it's increasing the speeds of its Xfinity Internet packages for existing Twin Cities customers – at no additional cost.

Here's a look at how those speeds will change depending on the package customers are subscribed to.

This will cover the majority of Comcast's million-plus residential and business customers across the Twin Cities metro.

Its most popular package, the 100mbps download Performance Plus plan, will be increasing to 150mbps.

The move, Comcast said, reflects its "ongoing commitment to offer the fastest speeds to our customers and deliver a great experience anytime, anywhere."

To get the increased speed, you just need to restart your modems when notified by Comcast the new speed is available. Those who need to upgrade their own modems will also be notified (we recommend buying your own modem rather than leasing one, it works out cheaper).

It's the second time in a year Comcast's upgraded its speeds free of charge. Last March, it increased the speed of its 25mbps plans to 55mbps, and its 50mbps Performance Plan to 70mbps.

Comcast has also announced it'll be introducing 1-gigabyte download speed internet to the Twin Cities market.

How much does Comcast internet cost?

If you're a new customer signing on to Comcast for the first time, here's how the various internet packages vary in cost:

– Performance Starter, 15mbps download: $29.99/month first 12 months.

– Performance Plus, 60mbps download: $29.99/month first 12 months.

– Performance Pro, 150mbps download, $39.99/month first 12 months.

– Performance Pro Internet + speed boost to Blast! Pro, 250mbps download, $49.99/months first 12 months.

After 12 months, these are the monthly costs:

– Performance Starter: $49.95-$51.95.

– Performance Plus: $64.95-$66.95.

– Performance Pro 150mbps: $79.95-$81.95

– Performance Pro + speed boost to Blast! Pro: $94.95-$96.95.

It's been hiking prices in other markets

The increased speeds at no extra cost announcement comes despite reports that Comcast has been increasing the cost of its internet plans in other markets around the U.S.

The Houston Chronicle reports that in late December, Houston customers were told their TV/broadband packages were seeing hikes of between $2-$4.50 a month.

The same happened in Philadelphia and New Jersey, where the Philly Inquirer reports one of its popular TV and internet packages went up by $5 a month.

GoMN has been in contact with local Comcast representatives twice in the past month, asking whether Twin Cities customers could expect similar price hikes, but was told on both occasions that isn't the case.

"No price adjustments have been announced at this time for Comcast Minnesota customers," a spokesman told us on Dec. 20.

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