Comcast unleashes faster Internet speeds in Twin Cities for free


Some Internet subscribers of cable giant Comcast are getting a big boost in bandwidth for no additional charge, the Pioneer Press reports.

Starting Tuesday, the company is doubling the download speeds of three of its most popular residential broadband packages in the Twin Cities metro.

In order to enjoy the faster service, Xfinity customers may have to "power cycle" their modems -- which is simply turning the device off for 30 to 60 seconds.

At least for now, the Star Tribune says Comcast doesn't plan to charge customers more for the extra speeds.

"As customer demands and technology evolve, we continue to increase our broadband speeds to deliver the best, fastest and most reliable Internet experience possible for our customers," Hank Fore, regional senior vice president for Comcast, said in a news release regarding a similar upgrade in California. "Whether chatting, surfing, streaming, gaming, skyping or downloading, families will get the superfast, high-performing Internet service they need, with no extra charge."

The Pennsylvania-based company raised the price of its television service in the Twins Cities last month.

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