Coming soon: Really cold weekend, the sequel


Some say sequels are never as good as the original.

Well, if you like weather that's so cold it can freeze your skin in a minute – then you'll find this weekend's feature presentation even more exhilarating than the last one.

To hear the National Weather Service tell it, you might even find snowmen staggering toward your door like icy zombies.

Friday will begin with tolerable temperatures. In fact, southeastern Minnesota may find roads slick with freezing drizzle in the morning, the Weather Service says.

But WCCO's Matt Brickman says temperatures will plummet through the day, leading to a weekend when we'll be lucky if we climb above zero at all. He's forecasting Twin Cities highs of zero on Saturday and 4 below on Sunday.

And it's no better in other parts of the state.

Northern Minnesota is getting snow, which could amount to 3 to 5 inches from Bemidji to the North Shore by the time it quits Friday.

But wait ... we haven't even mentioned the wind chills yet. Forecasters say they could be as cold as 40 below zero.

As MPR's Paul Huttner notes, that is dangerously cold ... cold enough to freeze exposed skin in a minute, he says.

Monday, when kids will be home from school for the holiday, indoor activities will again be the order of the day.

But after that we're expected to get a warm-up that should bring highs back up to normal by mid-week. "The Return of the 20s," you might call it – a rerun many of us will be happy to see again.

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