Como Zoo brings back April Fools' prank with Ella Fint, Mr. Wolf


The Como Zoo is once again opening its bag of animal-themed tricks for April Fools' pranksters, WCCO reports.

The zoo will have four fake hotlines set up that day for people to trick their family, friends and co-workers.

Each line features its own separate recorded message that eventually reveals it's a prank, WCCO says. Then the caller will find out how to get a $10 discount on animal sponsorship.

The zoo actually started the April Fools' hotline a couple years ago because, well, they couldn't stop tricksters from calling anyway.

For years, the zoo was inundated with prank calls – 300 alone on April 1, 2012, the Pioneer Press reported. Often times a person would leave a message for a friend, saying to call the a phone number and ask to speak with a certain person. The number would be Como Zoo's, and the certain person would be a fake animal name. (Think of Bart Simpson and his calls to Moe's Tavern; "Yeah, is Heywood there? Last name, Yapinchme.")

Sometimes it was common names, such as Mr. Fox and Mr. Wolf, the paper said. Others would get more creative, requesting to speak to Perry Keet, G. Raffe or Don Key.

With no way to stop the calls, the zoo simply adopted the "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" credo, the paper said. So they set up the phone lines with a few animal-inspired names. Giving people those numbers meant the regular phone operators at the zoo wouldn't have to explain to unknowing callers they just got pranked, zoo spokesman Matt Reinartz told FOX & friends last year.

This year's numbers:

There's Mr. Lion at 651-487-8266;

Ms. Ella Fint at 651-487-8267;

Ms. Wolf at 651-487-8268;

and Ms. Anna Conda at 651-487-8289.

If you want to see what the zoo was dealing with, check out this video from KSTP.

And here's the segment that ran on FOX & friends.



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