Raising a Ruckus: Como Zoo fans name baby zebra


The baby zebra at the Como Zoo in St. Paul has been named Ruckus, after the zoo's Facebook fans chose that name over several other options in an online vote.

The zoo announced the winning name Tuesday afternoon, shortly after the voting ended.

Nearly 3,000 people took part in the online contest, and Ruckus received 42 percent of the votes. The other potential names were ZigZag, which received 33 percent of the votes and Mayhem which got 25 percent, according to the zoo.

Ruckus, a male, was born Sept. 7 to mother Thelma. Another zebra foal, Melee, was born to Minnie on July 27. The only adult male of the herd, Ulysses, fathered both youngsters. You might notice that some of the stripes on Ruckus are brown. They'll turn black by the time he's about 18 months old, zoo officials say.

The animals at Como are Grant’s zebras, which live in the grassy plains of eastern Africa including Kenya and Ethiopia.

Here's another photo of the little guy with his mother.

Como Zoo recently welcomed two other new residents – a set of twin polar bears named Suki and Sakari – a week or so ago. They came from the Toledo Zoo.

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