Company claims success in zebra mussel fight


The California-based company Marrone Bio Innovations claims it has had early success with its biopesticide Zequanox in the fast-spreading war on zebra mussels.

The company says in a press release the product was "highly effective" in controlling invasive zebra mussels in a test in Deep Quarry Lake in DuPage County, Ill., the company reported last month.

Marrone says it offers the industry’s only environmentally compatible molluscicide. For the test, Zequanox was applied in three locations around the lake. In those treated sites, the chemical killed 97.1 percent of zebra mussels, compared with 11.2 percent mortality in untreated control sites, the company says.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officials have been battling the fast-spreading pest in recent years with little success. The zebra mussel can pose a threat to native species and create a host of problems for waterways, including interruptions in the food chain.

The DNR has set up a 15-member panel to consult with the agency as it gears up for battle this year with aquatic invasive species that include the Asian carp and zebra mussels, MRP reported.

The state has been adding to its list of infested waters.

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The Department of Natural Resources says there's hope that a chemical might help stop the spread of the invasive aquatic species that is fast spreading in Minnesota lakes. The DNR treated Rose Lake in Otter Tail County last fall, and two divers who scoured the lake this week did not find any zebra mussels.

DNR's attempt at ridding lakes of zebra mussels fails

A new treatment that was intended to kill zebra mussels in two Minnesota lakes was not successful. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources used copper sulfate, a chemical used to treat swimmer's itch, to get rid of the invasive species in Lake Irene in Douglas County and Rose Lake in Otter Tail County.