That's nuts: Man gets free candy bar 60 years after complaint


Dave Bell is like a kid in a candy store.

The St. Cloud Time reports the 74-year-old St. Cloud man received a goodie box from Pearson's Candy Co. after reminding the St. Paul confectioner of a complaint he made in 1952.

When Bell was 14, he found a twig in his nut roll. He complained via the U.S. Mail and included the twig in the envelope, sent with a 3-cent stamp.

Bell received a letter from George E. Pearson, son of one of the company’s founders. Bell got an apology but Pearson did not sweeten the deal with company products.

When Bell recently ran across the 60-year-old correspondence, he sent an email to the company. Last Friday, a package arrived containing five Mint Patties, two Buns (one vanilla and the other caramel), one Nut Goodie and one Salted Nut Roll.

Bell told two of his daughters about his treat triumph; everyone requested a cut of Bell’s candy.

But no dice.

“I tell the kids I won’t share,” Bell said. “It took me 60 years for this one.”

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