Complaints, congestion spur campus cycling crackdown


Cyclists who don't follow the rules of the road around the University of Minnesota face a $98 ticket from University police.

The Minnesota Daily reports that since classes resumed, police have received a record number complaints about cyclists who pedal on the sidewalks or ride rather than walk their bikes in congested areas.

University police Chief Greg Hestness said officers have begun ticketing more aggressively in an campus-wide enforcement push. The tickets get the attention of budget-conscious students.

The number of cyclists on campus rose 13 percent this year, according to Vice President Pam Wheelock. That means an additional 1,000 bikes ridden by students, staff and faculty.

The weather may create a natural easing of the problem as more cyclists lock up their bikes during the cooler months.

KSTP reports the end of the season is nearing for the Nice Ride bike sharing system. It closes for the winter on Nov. 3. Crews will remove the bikes and put them in storage.

Nice Ride projects more than 305,000 rides will be taken on the bright green bikes this season.

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